Episode 001: Helping Students Who Self-Injure with Kim Johancen

March 16, 2020

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This week we speak with Kim Johancen, LPC about key warning signs that a student may be self-injuring, what a teacher should do if they discover that a student is self-injuring, key risk factors that increase a student’s likelihood of self-injuring and what school leaders can do to educate all students on mental health.

Kim is a counselor who has worked for a number of years with students who self-injure or who have experienced trauma. She is co-author of the newly released book, Traumatized Students: School-Based Interventions for Reaching Below the Surface, and will be presenting at Innovative Schools Summit Las Vegas July 6-10, 2020.

One recent study found that nearly 1 in every 6 American teenagers engage in self-injury. This equates to about 7 million students nationwide – which is more than the population of several states.  And the numbers are on the rise. Another recent study found that the self-injury rate among 10 to 14-year-old girls has nearly tripled since 2008.

With these numbers in mind we thought it was important to speak with Kim about what edcucators should know about self-injury and how to help students struggling with this behavior.


Here are some resources relevant to the topics discussed on this episode:

Traumatized Students: School-Based Interventions for Reaching Below the Surface.

WebRemix: ACEs-Informed Schools: Take-Aways from Classroom Case Studies

WebRemix: Engaging the Traumatized Student

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4 comments on “Episode 001: Helping Students Who Self-Injure with Kim Johancen

  1. Nancy says:

    Very good information. Thank you for asking the questions.

    1. Cheri Walker says:

      This an awesome podcast episode. I have so much more understanding about this topic. I know the difference and intent between self- harm and self-injury. Thank you for posting this information.

      1. Tonya Kirby says:

        I agree Cher, I would have never thought that there would be a difference between self injury and self harm.

      2. Robbie Lamb (Host) says:

        I’m so glad to hear you found this to be a valuable episode. Self-injury is such an important issue and the more we all understand about it the better we will be able to who those who struggle with it. Thank you so much for the feedback.

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