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Traumatized Students School-Based Interventions

Kim Johancen, LPC, one of the the co-authors of this book, was a guest on Episode 001 – Self-Injury: An in Depth Look. To listen to the episode click here.

Trauma and people’s exposure to it is becoming an ever-present reality in many work, school and virtual environments. Young people who have experienced trauma are often misunderstood by others and sometimes attempt to cope in unusual and complex ways. This resource can help professional educators to become better equipped with interventions, strategies, recommendations, and critical insights into the world of the traumatized student. The creative and experiential nature of these interventions and strategies is often what helps get below the surface of the trauma to help these students to better cope and bounce back from their difficult experience(s).

44 Counseling Interventions Grouped by 7 Resiliency Factors:

  • Self-Regulation & Distress Tolerance Strategies
  • Containment Strategies
  • Mindfulness Strategies
  • Belonging, Purpose & Self-Advocacy Strategies
  • Willpower, Self-Esteem & Empowerment Strategies
  • Interpersonal Skill Strategies
  • Creativity & Gratitude Strategies

20 “One-Liner” Inverventions

Quick-Find intervention Glossary (by behavior)

Quick-Find Intervention Glossary (by feeling)

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